23 EM 6:No Confidence in the Government

Congress notes: That the government in the Republic of Ireland has failed students, workers, pensioners, families and the ordinary people of Ireland.

Congress specifically highlights: That this government has –

  • – Failed to deliver on housing, and the worsening housing and homelessness crisis is tearing apart the social fabric of Irish society and leading to the scapegoating of refugees and International Protection applicants.
  • – Failed to break with successive governments’ developer-led, market-based provision of housing, which has inevitably deepened the housing crisis even further.
  • – Failed to halt the rise in housing insecurity, with record levels of homelessness since taking power. The lifting of the eviction ban highlights how little this government considers the needs of ordinary people.
  • – Failed to abolish Direct Provision and perpetuated and harmed migrants at mandy levels throughout society
  • – Failed to act on the climate crisis.
  • – Failed to act on the state of Irish healthcare
  • – Failed to properly provide adequate trans healthcare, with Fine Gael recently spouting anti-trans rhetoric.

Congress further notes that: The successive policies of this government have damaged the Irish third-level sector, and have not met the demands of the Union of Students Ireland (USI) with regards to equitable, public and accessible education.

Congress highlights that: As of 2022, 15,000 students are in rent or fee debt to their institutions, 88% of students worry about finances and 1/3 have considered dropping out. 50% of the workforce is casualized, PhD researchers have barely enough to live, and Irish third-level institutions are severely underfunded.

Congress acknowledges that: On 13th October, thousands of students walked out of colleges across the country to protest against the lack of affordable accommodation and the negative effect it is having on their education.

Up to 20,000 people demonstrated on the streets of Dublin on 26th November 2021 at the Raise the Roof Rally for Housing, and demanded an end to homelessness; secure, affordable homes for all, and for the building of high quality public houses on public land

The government’s catastrophic failure on housing is being exploited by the far right to whip-up racist and anti-refugee sentiment.

As a result of the lifting of the eviction ban, thousands more will be made homeless.

Congress notes that: The Union of Students Ireland (USI) is a political body, but has so far not expressed a direct opinion on the government and has not advised its members to vote against them in the upcoming election.

Congress therefore resolves: To express no-confidence in the government publicly, and advise its membership to vote against the government.