Copy Of Lapsing Policy Priority Ballot

  • USI policy lasts three years, after which it lapses unless renewed by Comhdháil.
  • Policies are prioritised for debate by members of the Comhairle Náisiúnta
  • Each Member Organisation receives 10 priority votes. One vote may be cast per policy the MO wishes to retain.
  • Policies receiving no votes for debate will fall and no longer be the policy of USI at the commencement of Comhdháil.
  • Policies receiving votes will be prioritised for debate according to the number of priority votes they receive.
  • A guillotine will fall at the conclusion of the first session of Comhdháil. This will conclude debate on Policy Due To Expire.

Comhdháil 2024 Lapsing Policy Priority Ballot

Collecting the Priority Ballot for Policy Due to Expire at USI Comhdháil 2024

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