Request a Speaker Slot

This page allows you to register for a speaker slot at USI Congress.  We have implemented this as an attempt to ensure debate at USI Congress is broadly based and to ensure we hear from as many students as possible.

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  • Note that requesting a speaker slot is not a guarantee of being selected by the Chairperson, who will be operating a balancing approach to ensure a broad base of speakers across all sorts of criteria. There may well be many requests to speak on many motions.
  • USI is not in control of the Chairperson’s approach to selecting speakers.
  • Note that in each case the Member Organisation or Officer having submitted a ‘new’ motion has priority to speak in favour of the motion and to offer the ‘summation’ or ‘right to reply’ before a vote takes place.
  • In the case of Interim Policies, this right belongs to the Member of the Executive Team under whose policy remit the policy falls.
  • The deadline for submission of requests is SUNDAY 24 MAY 2020.
Speaking Slot Request