COVID-19 briefing

As you will be aware, USI Congress is due to take place in the midst of a global outbreak of a viral disease.  We are confident as of 11/03/2020 that Congress should proceed so long as delegates to Congress engage in good faith with the regulations and guidance herein. We ask Students’ Unions to bring the following to the attention of prospective delegates.

Who must not attend USI Congress

If you have been to an infected area returning after 23rd March and have any symptoms at all, or you consider that it is possible you have been exposed to Coronavirus, you must stay away from USI Congress unless you have certification from a doctor issued no earlier than Thursday 2nd April 2020 that you do not have the virus.  You may feel okay, but you risk infecting people less fit than you who may not be able to counter the virus as effectively.

If after 30 March you have a cough or sneeze or even the initial stages of any respiratory infection (cold, flu etc) you should not come to USI Congress, unless you have certification from a doctor issued no earlier than Thursday 2nd April 2020 that you do not have the virus.

Precautions at the event

Since we understand that hand-to-hand transmission is a significant factor in passing on this virus, we would ask attendees to take care to reduce hand-to-hand contact and hand-to-face contact as much as possible during Congress.

All delegates will be required to follow good hand cleaning and regular sanitisation throughout the event.

If you exhibit any of the symptoms of the illness, you will be required to leave the event, out of an abundance of caution.

If you witness any person with a cough or sneeze, or exhibiting symptoms of the illness, you should remove yourself from their presence and discretely inform the Congress Director.

The Congress Director’s decision on the removal of a person from the event is absolutely final.


We recognise that it’s not only the Coronavirus causing coughs and sneezes, and we’ll also be well into hayfever season for some delegates. So long as none of the above applies to you, please ensure that you bring the necessary drugs for hayfever to Congress with you if you suffer from it, and let us know, so we don’t unnecessarily ask you to leave!

Changes to normal operations

It will not be possible to guarantee single occupancy rooms at USI Congress except for persons with an actual doctor’s note specifying their condition requiring single occupancy.

Congress will likely not be physically arranged as it usually is. The Congress Director may make reasonable adjustments to provide for a different layout if it seems rational and reasonable to do so.


Under the rules established for USI Congress, the Congress Director has stipulated that only SU delegates, SU observers, USI invited facilitators and properly accredited media will be permitted to attend USI Congress. The Congress Director has determined that no public observer places will be permitted. 

In the interests of transparency, the Congress Director has determined that a live audio stream of the event will be attempted.

The above advice was the latest correct as of 11/03/2020.

Note to editor: ensure latest advice is synchronised between big_text_covid and covid in any future edits.