Why are we using Zoom?

We’re using Zoom because:

  • It allows for polls to be created on the fly, which we may need for Procedural Motions and order of business questions
  • It allows for capacity we would expect for a meeting of Congress
  • It allows the chair to recognise other speakers quickly and effectively, and should allow for smooth debate.
  • In the short time available it allows us to train our operators effectively.
  • We’re familiar with it
  • It works across platforms

Can we have observers?

Observers will not have to be registered, and will be able to see the event through the live stream.  This will include student journalists.

How will we vote?

  • Voting on motions and procedures will be done through polling in the Zoom conference
  • Voting in elections will be done using the election system on the USI Congress Website.

At Congress we queue up to speak on the motions.  How do we do this online?

All debates will have a maximum of two speakers for and against, and a final summation.  Once prioritisation completes and we have a debating order, people may enroll to speak on each motion.  The chair will call people in order.  The first speech and summation will always belong with the proposer of the motion.  If any speaking slots are not taken, the chair will allow someone to ‘raise their hand’ to speak and the person will be unmuted and called to speak.

What about the Chat channel?

The Chat Channel will be reserved for procedural and order of business chat only.  Delegates should not use it except to raise a formal point of order or procedure.

Will there be a Code of Conduct?

In addition to the Standing Orders which will be published in advance of the congress and adopted at the first meeting, the Congress Director reserves the right to mute or remove a delegate for deliberate disruption of proceedings.

Who will be chairing?

A team from Steering Committee will be chairing as usual. The Congress Director will be supplying technical support

How will elections happen?

Each delegate will receive a log-in password to the USI elections page where they will be able to cast their votes secretly.  At the close of the election, the data file for the election will be sent to the Chair of the Elections Subcommittee of the Steering Committee and s/he will count the votes.  When s/he is happy with the accuracy of the vote, in the absence of any ties, results will be announced.  In the event of a tie, the Returning Officer will apply a chance sortition in line with the rules.

Can Candidates attend and vote at Congress?

Only if they’re a delegate.  If a candidate for election is not a member of their MO delegation, they will be observers to the Congress and may watch events on the live stream.