Comhdháil 2024 New Motion Amendments

On this page, a president of a Students’ Union may propose amendments to motions proposed by other MOs to USI Comhdháil 2024.

  • You must specify the motion to be amended from the dropdown menu

  • You must specify the clause of the motion you wish to amend in the text box, or specify that the objective is to add a new clause or delete a whole clause (it’ll be obvious on the form).

  • If you wish to amend a clause or add a new one, you must input in full the text of the new proposed clause.

  • You should prepare your amendment in plain text

  • The deadline for proposing amendments is 5pm on Friday 8 March 2024

Comhdháil 2024 Motion Amendment Page

Comhdháil 2024 Motion Amendment Page

Use this form to propose amendments to Congress motions.
Only SU Presidents may propose amendments on this page.

I am the President of my Students' Union or a member of USI Coiste Gnó


What is the nature of your proposed amendment?