Candidates for USI Elections may submit Hustings Pitch videos for distribution to delegates to USI Congress. 

Candidates are under no obligation to submit videos and there is no deadline for their submission. The formal Q&A Hustings will take place on 25 May 2020.


Where a USI logo appears on a candidate’s video, this indicates that a candidate’s video was uploaded to Youtube by USI staff.  It does not imply an endorsement. 


Lorna FitzPatrick


Vice President Policy Roles

Kevin McStravock

VP Academic Affairs

Marie Lyons

VP Equality & Citizenship

Ruairí Weiner

VP Welfare

Aodhán Donnelly

VP Campaigns

Clare Austick

VP Welfare

Adam Clarke

VP Postgraduate Affairs

Craig McHugh

VP Campaigns

Clíodhna Ní Dhufaigh

LU Don Ghaeilge

Vice President Regional Roles

Dean Murphy 

VP Dublin Region

Megan O’Neill

VP Dublin Region

Gary Tobin

VP Border, Midlands & Western Region

Ciara Kealy

VP Southern Region