Eimear Curtin

Eimear Curtin

Officer at University College Cork SU

Manifesto Document 

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Eimear Curtin for Vice President for Academic Affairs

Haigh a chara! My name is Eimear Curtin and I want to be your next Vice-President for Academic Affairs on the USI Executive Team. I’m from West Limerick originally, I’m an Arts graduate and currently I am the Education Officer and Deputy President of UCC’s Students’ Union. I want you to put your trust in me to represent your opinions, to trust in me to get stuff done. By creating the tools and providing the support, I want to put the power back into your hands, so every student is an agent of change. 

Each of us have our own unique backgrounds, our own lived realities. However this only adds significance to what we say when we’re all saying (or shouting!) the same thing. I want to bring your voices into the rooms that matter, having an active and powerful seat at every table. If you elect Eimear Curtin to be your national representative for Academic Affairs, I will be a resilient, humble and results-driven representative, working to improve the quality of your educational experience in every way I can; from increased accessibility to learner independence, flexibility and choice to review and reform – there’s a lot of changes we must lead on, fight for and carry through. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but I am saying I’m up for the fight, if you trust in me to fight. 

Is mór agam do chuid tacaíochta agus do chuid smaointe mar is comhiarracht atá anseo i ndeireadh na dála. Ionadaí is ea mise agus gan tú féin ní bheinn in ann faic a dhéanamh. Tá an chumachat agat agus ná déan dearmad ar sin riamh. 

Definitely give a read through my manifesto to see my full ideas and please let me know what you think! Through the QR code at the end, I can constantly update the Google Doc, recognising that the realities of students change constantly and I, as a student representative, need to be consistently active in my representation. If you want to see me dance around a bit, check out my Video Pitch here (the best bits are at the end!). Follow along on the journey through Instagram @eimearforacademicaffairs – I’m always only a message away!

I am doing all of this for U as an individual, US as a community of learners and for USI as the national student movement. For U, for US, for USI! Be #CertainWithCurtin and Vote Eimear Curtin to be your next VP for Academic Affairs.